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U.S. Subsidiaries of Foreign Based Companies/Cross Border Services

Outsourced Accounting Department Services

If you are a foreign parent company looking to set up operations in the U.S.A. or currently have operations in the United States, we can assist you with your back-office accounting needs and financial reporting. We have worked with many international clients that have expanded into North America, and we have positioned ourselves to assist them efficiently wherever they need assistance. We can handle basic to sophisticated financial reporting and analysis.

Our financial outsourcing, bookkeeping and financial reporting professionals seamlessly handle foreign-owned U.S. subsidiaries accounting and tax needs. Our firm is mobile, ready to work for our clients in whatever state they operate in. We have been engaged as accountants for businesses with international headquarters in locations including the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Malaysia, and China. Our outsourcing service can manage your coast-to-coast accounting, tax and back-office functions from our New York City Office and New Jersey locations.

Services we provide to foreign-owned U.S. based companies include:

  • Outsourcing of Accounting, Bookkeeping and Financial Reporting Functions
  • Setup of Accounting Systems, Chart of Accounts, Subsidiary Ledgers, Financial Reports
  • Set up of Payroll Reporting with the Service Bureau
  • Monthly Financial Reporting Package to the Parent Company
  • IFRS Reporting or US GAAP to IFRS Reconciliations
  • Recommend Legal and Insurance Professionals
  • Coordination with International Auditors
  • Tax Services - Income, Sales & Use, International -  see below for further information on our tax services

Tax Services

Our tax professionals are experienced in analyzing complex international tax issues and collaborating with our foreign-based MSI Global Alliance tax colleagues to devise the best solutions to international tax issues that face multi-nationals. Companies doing business globally must be advised on cross-border tax rules, tax treaties and other aspects of conducting business in order to reduce their tax burden and meet tax compliance requirements. Our services include the following international tax-related areas:

  • Choice of Tax Entity and Ownership
  • Debt versus Equity Funding Advice
  • Federal and State Tax Registration
  • Tax Compliance and Planning
  • Tax Treaty Analysis
  • Transfer Pricing Reviews
  • Extra-territorial Income and Exclusion
  • Tax Planning for Cross Border Transactions
  • Foreign Tax Credit Planning
  • Foreign National and Expatriate Tax Services
  • Tax Withholding Services
  • Controlled Foreign Corporations
  • Passive Foreign Investment Companies
  • Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Property
  • Cross-Border Licensing of Intangibles Advice
  • Use of Offshore Financing Structures
  • Strategies for Repatriation of Earnings
  • Advice on Tax Equalization Plans
  • Advice on Totalization Agreements

We are a division of Rotenberg Meril, a leading Metro NYC area based accounting firm which is an independent member of the BDO Alliance USA, and our affiliation with this organization strengthens our level of service and commitment to service our international clientele.